Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

 The elves left Kerplunk the game on our doorstep.
 This is what I got when I requested a picture of their jammies.
Quin's version of the nativity. . .
It was going good until 
 Teagan decided to flick a toy at his mother
and then everyone's attention was on me!  Except for Coleston who was rather enthralled in Quin's story.
I love Christmas Eve and all the excitement that comes with it. 
Merry Christmas!

Making Gingerbread Trains 12 /15/12

 A yearly tradition in our house is making gingerbread trains/houses.
Lately the kids have picked trains.
 Teagan decked out his train with gumballs galore.
 Treydon mostly ate his icing.
 Ashelyn concentrated hard on hers, placing every piece very carefully.

Coleston was in heaven with all the candy and got in trouble a couple times for pulling candy off the trains.

Falling in love with Fall

This is what our walk home from school has looked like this past month.
I love all the colors!
If only it wasn't colder now, because my belly is swelling up without all that exercise to school and back! 
Only 5 weeks left before our new baby arrives.

Teagans photo shoot 12/4/12

Teagan wanted me to take pictures of him. . .

This is his favorite shirt right now.  This was his soccer shirt for his soccer team this year.  He has to wear it every day.  He also always has a ball in his hand.  So this is my typical Teagan!
Lovin him!!!

Coleston's photo shoot 11/26/12

I was supposed to get his 18 month pictures done in this suit that his other brothers have worn at 18 months but I am a slacker.  So we did a 20 month photo shoot.
I love this kids personality!

 With his beloved binky

 Teagan and Coleston had to have cameras too.
Coleston is taking a picture of Teagan.
Lovin this kid!!!

Zoo 11/19/12

We went to the Fresno Zoo over Thanksgiving break with some of our friends.


Bragging rights!

Some updates on the kids . . .
 Ashelyn got 100% attendance and Star Reader (for reading a certain amount) for her first semester.
She has also been awarded Husky of Character for Respect (only one child per class per month gets a "Husky of Character" award). 
This girl loves to read and does her homework with out being asked.  She also loves to play with friends and her favorite thing to do it play school at home.
 Treydon also got 100% attendance and Star Reader for first semester.
He also received Husky of Character for Fairness.
This kid had to wear his tie-dye shirt knowing he was getting his award this day.  He thinks tie-dye is pretty cool right now.  He is a hard worker in school, pulling 3+ hrs of homework a day.  He has a rough schedule, trying to find time to play inbetween sports practices, games, homework, scouts, etc.
 Coleston is into trains right now.  We have to set up a track every day so he can put his trains to work.  He loves to connect the cars to the engine and when he can't he brings them all to me so I can attach them.  He is always moving.
 Teagan loves sports.  He loves to make up some new game that involves a ball and convincse us to play with him.  He never stops either.
These boys make my heart melt!